There are many question you may have about electric bikes. We have tried to list as many of the common questions as possible. If you can not find the answer you are looking for please give is a ring on 01305 753737 or email [email protected]

All UK-legal ebikes allow assistance up to 15.6mph / 25KMH.  Above that speed it is purely human power ! If you would like to test out the speed of our ebikes then why not call Peter at the shop on 01305 753737

Batteries are like fuel tanks.  They are measured in units known as watt hours.  The biggest are the 630 watt hours units fitted to the FLYON range.  The smallest we sell are 400wh.  Typical ranges will be between 30-60 miles dependent on level of assistance and terrain.  A lot of people fit range extenders or dual batteries - so with the Bosch system you can get a mighty 1125wh !  Riding an ebike is like going to the gym - we all lift different weight so we all use different levels of assistance.  More assistance means less range.  Simple.  

There is an amazing range and choice of bikes available.  For the last 6 years we have consistently sold more Raleigh Motus and Haibike Hard Seven than any other model.

A hard tail eMTB is the best all-rounder for most people.  The only solution is to come and talk to us in store at Dorset CycleLife to view, discuss and ride the myriad of options.

Anywhere between 12kg and 29kg...quite a range, eh ?  Generic ebikes are around 22-24kgs.  Some of our FLYON carbon-framed bikes are actually heavier - pushing 29kgs.  Weight is relatively unimportant compared to a "legacy" bike.  The only time you lift a bike is onto a car  rack, up some stairs at home or over a gate or hedge when riding.  Just remember - if you're having to lift the bike you are on a FOOTPATH not a bridleway !

Bosch (using Samsung cells) and Yamaha (using Sony cells) tell us the batteries should last 11 years.  The warranty is 2 years.  The warranty states that at the end of the 2 year period the battery will take, retain and discharge 80% of its original capacity.

Yes.  An ebike is pedal-assist - not fully assisted all the time.  You can ride them with the motor turned off or with a flat battery (same effect) - just like a legacy bike, only slightly heavier.

Yes.  In our 6 years' experience we very rarely come across any everyday household insurers who won't include them on the household policy.  There are specialist insurers available online as well of course.

Oh how we used to laugh at this one back in the day..!  Obviously - thankfully - we have all moved on since this old one...bit like using a washing machine, hoover or watching colour TV !  If you don't pedal the ebike won't move.  You're getting confused with a moped.

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