Welcome to Cycle life Dorset

Dorset Cyclelife based in Dorchester is the premier electric cycle shop in the South West of England.
We are a Raleigh and Haibike main dealer, offering all the ebikes in their ranges.  We only sell electric bikes and parts and accessories for e-bikes.  We always carry one of the widest ranges of electric bikes to suit all needs and budgets.  We have traditional Dutch style town bikes, gravel bikes, MTBs (enduro, All Mountain, Downhill) trekking bikes and even 24inch wheel bikes for kids.  All electric, only electric.

There are normally about 40 bikes in store. We carry an extensive range of parts and accessories to make your e-biking as enjoyable as possible. When Dorset Cyclelife opened in Poundbury, Dorset in early 2014 it was Raleigh’s first dedicated electric bike shop.  Since then most bike shops have started to offer e-bikes.  We remain the only shop 100%-committed to the sale and servicing of high quality, European-made bikes in the South West.


The huge choice of very high quality bikes available to buyers in the UK has never looked so exciting !  The models available from Raleigh and Haibike are truly market-leading and cutting edge in terms of performance, reliability and build quality.  

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